Global Poker Expert Review

Global Poker Expert Review
Global Poker is one of the few sites that are allowed to offer online poker to customers in the United States. This is because of its unique gaming model that uses virtual currencies that can later be converted into real money; Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

It is the newest kid on the block to enter the online poker world having been launched in December 2016 aiming for the United States and Canadian market with plans to expand globally in future. It is owned and governed VGW Holdings Limited in Australia.

Global Poker has its own patented Sweepstakes model that has been approved by high-profile companies including Paypal and Facebook.

Is Global Poker Legit?
Global Poker is owned and operated by a full incorporated Australian company known as VGW Holdings Limited. This company first launched the ‘Chumba Casino’ which is the leading social casino that offers the Sweepstakes cash prizes and is available on and Facebook.

It has been fully scrutinized and approved by some of the world leading organizations such as Facebook and WorldPay. These organizations are very thorough and have strict policies in regards to gambling.

Global Poker also uses a fully segregated policy to protect the players Gold and $weep Cash. It also works hand in hand with PayPal which is a trusted money processor across the world.

How Does Global Poker’s Sweepstakes Model Work?
Unlike other online poker site’s players at Global Poker don’t use real cash to buy into tournaments and cash games. Instead, it uses two virtual currencies- Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

The players buy Gold Coins which come with a bonus sweepstake prize known as $weeps Cash. The Gold Coins can be used to play numerous games at the site but only for fun and practice but cannot be cashed out or used to play any real cash games.

$weeps Cash is the one used to play for real money where a player can buy into cash games and tournaments and also withdraw their winnings through Paypal.

Global Poker holds ring games and tournaments where players get a chance to accumulate their Gold Coins. The more Gold Coins a player has the more $weeps Cash he gets.

How to Acquire $weeps Cash
You can get $weeps Cash in four different ways:

  • When you first register, you get $2 $weeps cash for free
  • When you buy Gold Coins- every time you buy Gold Coins you get $weeps Cash deposited in your Global Poker account
  • Through $weeps give away competitions which appear in Global Poker newsletters where winners are credited with $weeps Cash.
  • By sending and mail request. This is only available to US and Canadian players. Players have to write a handwritten letter stamped # 10 with the subject “Global Poker Sweepstakes Credit”, and the current month and year. He should also include his full name and address and send it to Virtual Gaming Worlds, Global Poker Sweepstakes Department, 548 Market St #73140, San Francisco, CA 94104.

This request gets you 600 $weep cash which is equivalent to $6 deposited directly in your Global Poker account in a span of five business days.

Global Poker Registration Process
Although Global Poker mainly focuses on customers from the United States and Canada, players from other countries can also register and play at the site. However, payouts are only given to players from US and Canada.

In order to register you only have to sign up with your personal details at the Global Poker website and confirm that you are over the age of 18 years.

After you complete the registration process, you will receive 10,000 virtual Gold Coins and $2 Sweeps Cash to get you started at the site.

Global Poker Software
Global Poker has its own uniquely formulated poker software to incorporate its Sweepstake model.

Most online poker sites use a random number generator to determine the cards dealt in each hand. Global Poker uses one known as the Mersenne Twister with background cycling which helps to ensure the randomness of the cards. It is certified by iTech Labs and has passed the statistical randomness Marsaglia’s test.

The website is entirely web-based with an intuitive interface that allows players to choose from a variety of avatars, color themes, and many other settings. There is also a tutorial for beginners on how to navigate the website.

The software is not available in downloadable apps at the moment but players can still play on their internet-enabled phones through the website.

Note that there is another Global Poker app available in the App Store that belongs to a different company.

Global Poker Games
At the moment, Global Poker offers players:

  • No Limit Hold’em
  • Fixed Limit Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha

All these games are available in Cash games, Sit and Go, and multi-table tournaments. Traffic tends to be more in $weep Cash games.

Global Poker Bonuses and Promotions
Global Poker is always rewarding its players with leaderboards and several give always to keep them motivated to play on the site.

New players receive free 10,000 Gold Coins and $2 in $weeps Cash when they sign up at the site.

The site’s promotion is, however, only available to the player who completes the associated challenges.

There are three types of promotions that are usually run at the site:

  • Global Poker Bonanza
  • The Weekend Gold Coin Challenge
  • Gold Rush

Global Poker Bonanza
Frequent players at Global Poker receive an award of $8,500 in near free-rolls.

The main weekly tournament is the Sunday tournament with a buy-in of $0.11 and a guaranteed prize of $5000. Players qualify for this tournament through playing 500 flops through the week.

There is also the Daily $500 Bonanza tournament where players will only need $50 flops in a day to qualify. The buy-in of this tournament is also $0.11.

Players are allowed to play using both the Gold Coins and $weep Cash currencies.

The Weekend Gold Cash Challenge
Players are able to unlock this tournament if they manage to get 200 flops in Gold Coin games during the week.

The players are awarded leaderboards points depending on their placement in the tournaments results.

Every week top five players win up to $500 in $weeps Cash.

Gold Rush
This promotion gives players three Leaderboards to compete with for extra gold coins. Global Poker gives out 100,000 Gold Coins each day, 500,000 Gold Coins each week, and 2,500,000 at the end of each month.

The winner of each Leaderboard gets 20% of the prize pool. Therefore, players are able to win 20,000, 100,000, or 500,000 in Gold Coins on a daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards respectively.

Global Poker Banking Options
Players at Global Poker don’t make cash deposits on the site. Their deposit involves buying Gold Coins and receiving $weeps Cash which they use to buy into games and tournaments.

Paypal is the only mode of payment accepted on the site currently. It converts the $weeps Cash into real money ready for withdrawal.

All winnings are transferred in your Global Poker accounts and Payouts are processed upon request in USD. You will be required to verify your identity by providing valid identification documents such as your Passport, and also provide proof of address documents like a Utility bill.

It normally takes five days to verify the information you provide and another five days for the money to be transferred into your PayPal account.

The minimum you can use to buy Gold Coins is $10 and the minimum cash out allowed is $100. Only residents of the United States and Canada are able to access their winning cashouts.

Global Poker Customer Support
Global Poker has an extensive FAQ section that answers most of the commonly asked questions.

The support team can be reached through email 24 hours a day. Their two main email addresses are and They also have an active Global Poker Facebook profile where players can also send their queries.

They don’t have a phone number or live chat option at the moment.

Global Poker Pros and Cons

  • Legal poker in the United States
  • Uses PayPal to give cashout
  • Can easily be played on Windows, Mac, and iPhone
  • Chances of winning real money through tournaments and cash games


  • The payout is only available for US and Canadian players

Global Poker brings a unique and interesting poker experience for players in the United States and Canada who can legally play for real money through its patented Sweepstakes model.

The site has been scrutinized and approved by High-ranking companies including Facebook, PayPal, and WorldPay so players can rest at ease knowing that Global Poker is as legit as it can be.

Players at Global Poker use virtual Gold Coins and $weeps cash to play games and get into tournaments but only $weeps Cash is allowed for real cash games. PayPal is the only money transfer method available on the site.

The downside is that only the players from US and Canada can be able to cash out their winnings.

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